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We are Recruiting Volunteers

We are Recruiting Volunteers


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Our Work is Wide and Varied

within Search & Rescue. We provide emergency disaster response in the UK and worldwide in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, landslides, extreme weather events and areas of structural collapse. Our team of dedicated, highly-trained volunteers are on standby 24/7, every single day of the year. Every penny we raise is spent on Search and Rescue equipment, training and transporting the team to disaster sites in order that we can help those in need. In addition to our international response team, we are also working with countries to provide advice and training on how to cope in the initial 24 hours of the disaster. We have also set up a Community Resilience Team which carries out a wide variety of work supporting the Emergency Services and Local Authorities in the UK. Members are drawn from all walks of life. However, the one common attribute shared by all our volunteers, is the desire and determination to help the innocent victims of disaster around the world.

Trained to Deploy Rapidly Wherever Disaster Strikes

When disaster strikes, time is of the essence. It is therefore essential that the S.A.R.A.I.D. team is well trained, well equipped and able to deploy quickly to the site of any disaster both at home and overseas. When deployed, team members search through potentially hundreds of damaged and collapsed buildings, finding survivors and pulling them to safety using a variety of technical skills, team work and specialist equipment. We can move swiftly to the scene of the disaster and provide a comprehensive and effective service to those in need. Whether it’s logistical, search and rescue, FPOS medical or humanitarian we have the expertise to assist.

Going Beyond Borders. Working Beyond the Immediate Need

Whilst deploying to assist with Search and Rescue after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, we became aware of the activities of Nepal Scouts who were helping to assist in the earthquake relief efforts. We returned twice to Nepal during 2015 to assist in conducting further training and capacity building among local communities. It was during this time that we learned first hand of the problems with some community based response programmes. Combining the enthusiasm and talent of Scouts with our experience, knowledge and desire to help, we developed a specific training programme known as SMART. We return regularly to Nepal to run training sessions in order that communities are ready and resilient in future.

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