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The more people who know about us the greater the likelihood of us receiving donations. We'd be delighted if you wanted to become an ambassador for our charity and be an advocate of our work. If you think you can offer your support in other ways, such as equipment supplies or services, then please contact us today.


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Employers, Supermarkets, Schools, Chemists and Department stores donate regularly to charity and invite nominations for a "Charity of the Year". Remember us next time your employer is inviting charity nominations. Keep us informed of any nominations by email so we can lavish credit where it's due.


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Sadly, as an organisation we face a continual struggle to raise funds. People rarely consider a charity such as ours until a disaster hits the headlines, even then many people send donations to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) as they see their advertisements on national prime time media.

International Response

Recognised by the United Nations (UN)

We are the first and only UK voluntary team to be officially classified by the UN INSARAG as a Light USAR Team and only the third worldwide. The team is comprised of emergency managers and planners, paramedics and includes specialist in the fields of structural engineering, water and rope rescue, collapse rescue, logistics, hazardous materials, communications and technical search. Our team members come from all walks of life. Our work takes us around the world but there's definitely nothing glamorous about it. Our volunteer-members are put in some of the most hazardous situations in order to save a saveable life and bring relief to those who are suffering post-disaster. None of our members would ever consider themselves to be heroic - they train, fundraise, carry out admin duties and also take a leading role in our organisation. All in their spare time.

Training to International Standards

Our members undergo a thorough selection process. if they pass, they then begin a minimum of 18 months training followed by a week long assessment. It is only at the point of passing their final assessment that they are eligible to be deployed. Members then enter a process of continual improvement whereby new skills, techniques and procedures are accumulated.

We are self-sufficient, but we don't work in Isolation

When deployed, as a team and individually we are self-sufficient and require the bare minimum of necessities. That being said, we know that in order to be most effective we have to work with other organisations, partners and agencies. We all have a common goal and purpose - sharing knowledge and expertise is part of our duty. We've built strong and lasting relationships with organisations at home and overseas. We continue to develop more relationships to increase our effectiveness as we evolve as an organisation.

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You can make a donation via PayPal or Justgiving, just click on the button below, we rely on public donations to continue our work.  We don’t spend on advertising and we receive no DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) Funding.

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International response team