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International Response

Recognised by the United Nations (UN)

We are the first and only UK voluntary team to be officially classified by the UN International Search and Rescue Advisory Group as a light USAR team.

The team is comprised of emergency managers and planners, engineers and paramedics and includes specialists in the fields of structural engineering, water and rope rescue, collapsed building rescue, logistics, hazardous materials, communications, and technical search.

Our team members come from a wide rang of backgrounds and our work takes us around the world. Our volunteer members put themselves in hazardous situations in order to save a saveable life and bring relief to those who are suffering after a disaster.

Team members train, fundraise, carry out admin duties and lead our organisation, all in their spare time, so that we can be ready to deploy, wherever and whenever we are needed, at short notice, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Training to International Standards

Team members undertake a thorough selection process, and once selected begin an 18–24-month training process to get them ready for their operational assessment. The weeklong operational assessment which is meticulously planned by our dedicated team of directing staff mimics an international deployment from start to finish and ensures that team members both new and old have the skills and experience to undertake a successful deployment.

Members then enter a process of continual improvement whereby new skills, techniques and procedures are introduced and consolidated through regular training and re-assessment.

We are self-sufficient, but we don't work in Isolation

When deployed as a team we take all the equipment and supplies needed for a deployment to ensure that we can be self sufficient for up to two weeks. It is incredibly important that we can provide aid without adding to the burden of the host country.

That being said, to work effectively and ensure a successful disaster response, we often work alongside other organisations and agencies. We all have a common goal and purpose and sharing our knowledge and expertise is part of our duty. We have built strong and lasting relationships at home and overseas and will continue to do so as we evolve as an organisation.

SARAID has a new partnership with Jangle

Saraid is pleased to announce a new partnership with Jangala, a UK not-for-profit organisation specialising in supplying internet access to people in need.

Jangala has supplied the team with one of their “Big Box” Wi-Fi hubs, a small briefcase-sized device that can transform any internet connectivity into a Wi-Fi network that allows SARAID to create a Wi-Fi network for up to 100 users in a disaster situation,

Jangala has also supplied us with a “Get box” a smaller family-sized internet hub that can create a smaller network for 10 users in a domestic environment. The team will be trialling using “Get box “as part of their Coordination team, helping to coordinate the response to disasters in the field and providing feedback to Jangala on suggested improvements to make the smaller “Get Box units more robust and fieldwork capable.

The team will be testing and deploying both devices in the future, helping the team communicate in disaster zones and help coordinate the disaster response effort.

We thank our new partners and look forward to working with you more closely.

Find out about our International USAR assessment

On Monday 19th September 2022 at 11.30pm the United Nations Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) sent out an alert of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake that had struck the “Republic of Angloland”, and within minutes this message was picked up by the volunteer members across the UK of Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters (SARAID) International Response Team. SARAID is a UK based Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) & Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) and all its members are 100% unpaid volunteers.

20th Anniversary of General Assembly Resolution 57/150

The United Nations General Assembly Resolution 57/150 of 16 December 2002 is a product of the work of the INSARAG, which importantly highlights that each state has the responsibility to take care of the victims of natural disasters occurring within its boarders.

Exercise Kosovo Resolve

Search and Rescue Assistance in Disasters (SARAID) is proud to have taken part in a European Association of Civil Protection Volunteer Teams (EVOLSAR) exercise held at the Kosovo International Search and Rescue Training Centre, a short trip from Pristina.

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